Valery Shatrov (shvp) wrote,
Valery Shatrov

"Shane cloutier band" или канадская рок музыка

Этого парня я впервые услышал и увидел в прошлом году в известном пивном баре онтарийского горного курорта "Blue Mountain".
Услышал и сразу прочувствовал его музыку. Талантливый парень, которого зовут Shane Cloutier.

Мы с ним познакомились в этом году и поняли, что у нас есть общее - качественная рок музыка и Pink Floyd.
Несколько раз подряд сегодня слушал в авто его новую композицию "Less I Hear" с нового диска, которой, к сожалению, нет пока в youtube.

А как эти ребята сделали Пинков из альбома "Стена" по моей просьбе!

В общем слушайте,смотрите и знакомьтесь: "Shane cloutier band". Соло гитара,вокал,автор музыки и слов - Shane.

О группе с его сайта ( ):

The Shane Cloutier Band is a lot like bacon on ice cream with a shot of tequila: a trio of potentially dangerous influences that jam into one very compelling experience; an unlikely but very satisfying pleasure that’s so good it’s probably bad for you.

So here they are; three remarkably talented musicians pouring their live and on the road education with some of the most influential rock, pop and alt acts, into compelling original songs, and on-your-feet live performances.

Drummer Skip Wamsteeker, who counts Animal and Willie Nelson time keeper Paul English among his influences, brings a whole lot of rock to the beat that builds the band.

Bassist Johnny Roy with the speeding ticket bottom end, has made the stiff shake it, and found the funk where it was once thought lost forever. His signature sound has been likened to a plus size jolly mamma bouncing along a hallway.

And Shane Cloutier, who, like the band that bears his name, is his own magical mystery: a surprisingly true voice with a guitar that loves the gain knob, and live licks with more jam than Smuckers.

Together, the Collingwood, Ontario-based trio look both back and forward to times when musicians live to master the gear, the stage and the studio; who live for the music and the audience. A new album Scars, with 11 signature tracks and accompanying videos offers new and old fans a taste of exactly this kind of passion. That’s very good news for anyone who loves damn fine music.

I like them, I think they are great.
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