Valery Shatrov (shvp) wrote,
Valery Shatrov

Лунатик на траве или еще "новина" от HDPinkFloyd

Published on Jun 15, 2016
27 June 2000 performance at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon
Roger Waters – bass guitar, acoustic & electric guitar, lead and backing vocals
Doyle Bramhall II – guitars, lead and backing vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals
Snowy White – electric & acoustic guitars
Andy Wallace – keyboards, Hammond organ, backing vocals
Jon Carin – keyboards, lap steel, programming, acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals
Katie Kissoon – backing vocals, percussion
Susannah Melvoin – backing vocals, percussion
P. P. Arnold – backing vocals, percussion
Graham Broad – drums, percussion
Norbert Stachel – saxophones
Tags: pink floyd

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