Valery Shatrov (shvp) wrote,
Valery Shatrov

Roger Waters. Pink Floyd. The Wall live in Berlin. 1990

Roger Waters, Bryan Adams, The Band, Paul Carrack, Thomas Dolby, James Galway, Jerry Hall, The Hooters, Cyndi Lauper, Ute Lemper, Joni Mitchell, Paddy Malone, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor, Scorpions

Это шоу сделано Уотерсом с помощью многих приглашённых музыкантов, включая Брайана Адамса, группу «Scorpions» и Вана Моррисона.

1. In the flesh
2. The thin ice
3. Another brick in the wall (Part 1)
4. The happiest days of our lives
5. Another brick in the wall (Part 2)
7. Goodbye blue sky
8. Young lust
9. One of my turns
10. Don┤t leave me now
11. Another brick in the wall (Part 3)
12. Goodbye cruel word
13. Hey you
14. Is there anybody out there?
15. Nobody home
16. Vera
17. Bring the boys back home
18. Comfortably numb
19. In the flesh
20. Run like hell
21. Waititng for the worms
22. Stop
23. The trial
24. Tide is turning
Tags: pink floyd

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