Valery Shatrov (shvp) wrote,
Valery Shatrov

2014 Aeroshow Cozumel 17-18 мая. Разминка

Dean Wingard At Taylor BMW разместил фотографии репетиционных полетов.
Красивые получились фотки!

2014 Aeroshow Cozumel with Orestes Lorenzo flying his L39, and Rafael Dondi Pesquera flying his Aerobatic MK-5 Provost Jet...

2014 Aeroshow Cozumel Flying over Hotel Cozumel & Resor

Photo credit Dean Wingard at Taylor BMW — с Gary Ward, Erissa Cobalt, Rafael Arnal and Rafael Dondi Pesquera в Hotel Cozumel & Resort.

Спасибо, Dean Wingard и Rafael Dondi Pesquera!
Райское место, Косумель...

Tags: cozumel

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