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"If you're leaving close the door". Deep Purple and Metallika

Немного музыки, да? Старой и доброй.

Обложка диска "Апрель". Из Википедии

Впервые эту песню я услышал 13 октября 1974 года по радио, в программе "На всех широтах" № 35
(она стала преемницей передачи "Запишите на ваши магнитофоны")

If you're leaving close the door.
I'm not expecting people anymore.
Hear me grieving, I'm lying on the floor.
Whether I'm drunk or dead I really ain't too sure.

I'm a blind man, I'm a blind man
And my world is pale.
When a blind man cries,
Lord, you know there aint no sadder tale.

Had a friend once in a room,
Had a good time but it ended much too soon.
In a cold month in that room
We found a reason for the things we had to do.

I'm a blind man, I'm a blind man,
Now my room is cold.
When a blind man cries,
Lord, you know he feels it from his soul.

От "Металлики":

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